What’s in my makeup bag

I have a ton of makeup at home, but I always take my main makeup everywhere in a little Disney bag I got from Boots. Here’s what I take:

My Disney bag is Snow White and it is so cute and big enough for a LOT of makeup.

I take my Maybelline Fit Me powder and my Beauty Without Cruelty loose powder just in case I need some extra coverage. I also carry a Rimmel concealer stick because I have a bad habit of rubbing my makeup and smudging it.

My Too Faced blusher and highlighter palette goes everywhere with me as there’s always a time when I need some extra glow and sparkle.

For my lips, I carry around a lot of chapsticks because they get dry really quickly. My favourites one at the moment is the Nivea lip balm.

I carry my mini mascara from Makeup Forever as it’s the perfect handbag size and one of my favourite mascaras. I also have a few brushes just in case I need to tidy up my makeup.

And what would a makeup bag be without a nice mirror? I absolutely love this one from Ted Baker. It goes everywhere with me.

So that’s my makeup bag guys! What do you always carry around with you?

Moving on

Next week I will be moving into a cute little flat in a small village that has plenty of scenery and countryside. It’s the perfect place for me as I can walk to work (and save on the gym membership) and yet the town is so small and picturesque it’s like you’re cut off from everywhere else.

My flat

I have my own place in the attic room of a converted house. It has its own bathroom and mini kitchen area with a huge kitchen downstairs for cooking big meals or baking. The colour scheme of my room is going to be pink and white, and so I have a huge pink fluffy rug and a lot of pink pillows, along with pink and white flowers and a pink tipi tent.

The village

Everything is so accessible, there is a shop and a post office and you can easily walk into the next town over to go shopping. There are some beautiful walks that take you up hills and across farmland, and there are many churches that hold craft fairs and events. I’m so happy that there’s a hairdresser and a nail salon as well, right on my doorstep!


Now that I have my own place where it’s quiet and there’s no one around to bother me, I’ve made lots of plans. For a start I’ll be doing a lot more reading, but I’ll also start studying for my A Level maths again as I didn’t do my A Levels and I really want to try pass them. I’m also going to be travelling a lot more (Prague is on the list for next year!!) and I can’t wait for the little things like getting home and making a cup of tea in a place that is entirely your own!

As soon as I move in I’ll post all the pictures! I can’t wait to share this with you all 💓

Unboxing the TommyXZendaya T-shirt

My TommyXZendaya T-shirt finally arrived!!! This is the best Wednesday ever.

It came in a small brown box and immediately on opening it I was met with this absolutely adorable note:

And underneath that was my T-shirt neatly wrapped in tissue paper and plastic wrapping (the T-shirt will be living in its plastic wrapping so that it never gets damaged).

The tag of the T-shirt is something I’ll definitely be keeping and putting in my scrapbook. The artwork is gorgeous and I love how much detail has gone into this. Zendaya and the Tommy team have created an absolutely amazing product and I love all the tiny details that makes it so special.

The T-shirt itself is so gorgeous I admit I did cry a little when I tried it on! It’s so soft and comfortable and the outfit is very retro. I love it best with a black leather jacket, but it looks amazing with practically anything!

I love the multitude of colours and the little star! This is a T-shirt that I am totally in love with and will treasure for life and I can’t wait to get more of Zendaya’s collection.

Bee-utiful 🐝

My favourite decoration on clothes and accessories of all time is the bee. Anything with a bee on it speaks to my nature-loving soul and look so cute.

Here are a few of my favourite out at the moment:

River Island Navy bee foil print fitted T-shirt £7

Harvey Nichols APM Monaco Bee Embellished Ribbon Wrap Choker £55.00

From ASOS, Ted Baker Rose Gold Bumblebee Necklace £35.00

From Harrods, the Gucci Queen Margaret Top Handle bag £2,230.00

Aren’t they beautiful?! Please share your favourite designs and if you have any nature themed items that you adore.

Pack up all I know so it won’t feel like I’m gone

Leave it all behind so I’ll know that I’ve grown

What’s happened before, I could lose myself in the dark and dust

But till then I’ll hold onto those I love

Far from home

I don’t feel like a hero

But she doesn’t need a hero

As we walk under the stars

Far from home

Can I have one chance

To tell her how I feel

Before this all falls apart

They make me fall back into my old ways

And I never thought I’d see the day

When I’m flying so far away from home

They tell me I need to step up, but I’m after something new

When all I am is crumbling, could you be my hero too

When I’m all alone and my friends are gone, what can I do

I remember it was all so easy when it was only me and you

Far from home

I don’t feel like a hero

But she doesn’t need a hero

As we walk under the stars

Far from home

Can I have one chance

To tell her how I feel

Before this all falls apart

They make me fall back into my old ways

And I never thought I’d see the day

When I’m flying so far away from home

Favourite brands of this month!

It has been such a good year for designers already, with so many beautiful collections and unique boutiques/websites that sell such divine items. How am I supposed to choose? Here are my favourites for this month.

1. Goop.

Goop is a company founded by Gwyneth Paltrow and they sell such luxurious products, some things are a bit pricey but there are a few items in my price range that I fell in love with! My favourite items are:

  • Fifty Yardliner sweat top by American Apparel.
  • Olio E Osso lip balm.
  • Hooded Performance tee by Stella McCartney.
  • Long Sleeve Mock Neck Shirt by Entireworld.
  • Yos Sport Sweatshirt by Year of Ours.

It will take me a long time to collect all these but hopefully I’ll own a couple by the end of the year.

2. TommyXZendaya

The new Zendaya collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger is simply stunning. I already have the zodiac T-shirt and will hopefully have the tailored denim dress, zodiac necklace and bracelet this year.

3. Hollister.

I am in LOVE with Hollister jeans. They are so comfortable and fitted and come in so many different styles. I can’t wait for the summer range so that I can add a few tops and skirts to my collection.

4. Fig and Willow.

Fig & Willow is a boutique store that sells vintage fashion. I recently bought a light blue sweatshirt with gold sparkles on and it’s my most favourite item! You can even buy vintage socks and flower pots.

5. River Island.

I always feel like a model in River Island clothes and I love their new stock! My favourite item that I sooo wish I had is the pink diamanté bodycon tux dress. It is so stunning!

Get set for spring

We’re into March and only have a short time to enjoy spring before summer is upon us (and the bikinis come out for the holidays). If you’re unlucky enough to be British and have to deal with the rain, here are ideas to stay in fashion and warm whilst showcasing a spring style.

1. The Gilet.

The weather is slowly warming up so it’s time to get rid of the big winter coats and have something a bit more lightweight. Pastels are very much in style at the moment, and gilets are perfect to wear over long sleeved tops and with skirts and boots.

2. The satchel.

Now that we don’t have to carry around hats, gloves and heavy weight scarves, our bags can get a bit smaller! (Just a bit though, we still need room for the makeup bag). Satchels are professional and chic and look perfect paired with a preppy gingham skirt and blouse.

3. Bronzer.

Now that its getting warmer, it’s time to show off that sun kissed skin! Seeing as we can’t all immediately fly off to the Maldives, investing in a new bronzer palette is the next best thing. Go for something that leaves your skin glowing without looking too tanned. A natural looking glow is beautiful in spring.

4. Jewellery.

Hopefully we can bust out the short sleeved blouses and dresses soon, without having a billion layers over the top! To accessorise, thin bangles or a simple charm bracelet looks so delicate with a skater dress. Paired with ballet flats or court shoes, going simple and minimal on the accessories leaves you with a chic but professional look.

5. Scarves.

It’s time to say goodbye to the winter wool scarves and hello to something a bit more lightweight and dressy. Silk and lightweight scarves put with long sleeved tops, fitted trousers and ankle boots is both a stylish look for the office (add a blazer for a more professional look) and for a shopping trip or drinks out with your friends.

6. Tights.

For those of us who have been wearing thick tights over winter and don’t like going bare legged, it’s time to invest in some opaque tights. To add a bit of glam, go for the patterned tights with a floral design, so appropriate for a spring time look!

7. Umbrellas.

We still have to face the rain, and umbrellas can be such clunky, unattractive things! My favourite umbrella that is both stylish and pretty is the Jack Wills mini umbrella. I also love any with a floral design or in a pastel colour.

This is everything I’m loving for the spring look! What are your favourite things to bring out in spring?